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Martin K. Ettington

In addition to founding Personal-Longevity.com, Martin K. Ettington-is also the Owner and Founder of several other websites on the Spiritual, Paranormal, and Metaphysical:





Martin’s interest in the Paranormal and Occult goes back to his childhood. He has had many paranormal experiences and has been a student of Eastern Philosophies and Meditation for 40 years. Seeking Enlightenment; he knows that we are already all Enlightened. We just have to realize this deeply.
His books are expressions of his creativity to help others understand what he has internalized through study, experience, and membership in different societies.

The videos on this site are an outgrowth of his book on Immortality and recent seminars where this material and exercises were detailed and presented to an audience.

Martin is also an Engineer by training and has had multiple careers. He has a B.S. degree in Engineering Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1977. He has done extensive graduate work in management and computer science. His career includes many years working for GE and HP and several large aerospace companies. Martin also owns his own software and consulting business.

Not many technical persons or scientists spend a lot of time in parallel studying the Metaphysical and have had many spiritual or psychic experiences too. Therefore, Martin believes that he can provide a unique vantage point to integrate Western Scientific thinking with Eastern exploration of the mind and spirit.

Martin has also recently expanded his writing to science fiction and has completed his first full novel “Out of this Universe