Spiritual Abilities Theory

Many people wonder if the amazing claimed abilities of invisibility, teleportation, and many more are really possible.

And if they are possible, then what is the scientific or other theoretical basis for how these abilities might work.

My conclusion after many years of study and many personal spiritual experiences is that these are all abilities of the spirit which

can be developed as a side effect of spiritual development practices.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali was written two thousand years ago, and is an exposition on the science of yoga which discusses

spiritual abilities and a high level description of how they are obtained.

Below you will see a variety of resources including a free downloadable copy of “The Science of Yoga” which is a translated copy of the Yoga Sutras with

excellent commentaries by I. K. Taimni:


One well known Spiritual Path to becoming more spiritually centered is by
learning meditation and Yoga. Here is a link to variety of resources to
help you on that path from our sister site MKEtingtonbooks.com
Meditation help you calm down your thoughts and emotions so your spirit can shine and you can be more centered in it. We have lots of ebooks on longevity-store.com having to do with Meditation.
More Resources on Longevity-Store.com on Yoga. Youga comes in many forms, from the postures we see most commonly to yogic meditations, Bhakti Yoga–the Yoga of live, and even Tantric Yoga dealing with transmuting sexual energies.
Additional books on Zen
which is one famous type of Japanese
Enlightenment is another word for how to become centered in the spirit. This is an introductory manual describing what enlightenment is and how to achieve it. Some introductory exercises are given.
More books on Spirituality (Picture is of bundle of most
popular books by M.K. Ettington and some related spiritual and health
Prophecy: A History and How to Guide. You might be asking
yourself what Prophecy has to do with longevity. It is very relevant
since we can all learn how to avoid accidents which might kill us
prematuraly. My experiences with prophecy, how I avoided death several
times, and exercises you can learn to see danger in your future and
avoid it are all part of this book