Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is this website all about?

SpiritualAbilities.com is designed as a web portal to content I’ve developed over the years related to Superhuman spiritual abilities.

This site will provide you an overview of the different aspects of abilities we can all learn such as invisibility, teleportation, and much more.

For more detailed information you will be able to follow links to the other books, audios, videos, and related products

and services on our other sites

2) What are the other sister websites with related information?

PortaloftheSpirit–A top level page linking all of our sites together

MKettingtonbooks.com–high end books, audios, and videos on spiritual and paranormal topics

SpiritualAbilities.com-books and resources about spiritual abilities we can all learn

NewAgeDiscounts.com–our online metaphysical store with over 1000 products at good discounts and over 600 spiritual and metaphysical ebooks

PortalofThe Spirit Blog –Our blog with articles and information for all of our sites.

3) What types of updates do we have of information on this site?

First of all, there is a monthly newsletter called “The Portal” which will provide monthly articles on spirituality, longevity,

and many other subjects to the spiritual seeker. This newsletter covers offerings in all three of our websites

From time to time we will also be updating science articles on the lower right of the homepage, and adding

links to new content in the Spiritual, Vital Forces, and Physical Body areas as new content becomes available.